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LED Therapy: Real Anti-Aging results from a Sci-Fi looking treatment

As LED therapy becomes a popular treatment for improving everything from wrinkles, redness, and signs of aging, to acne, scarring, and dark spots, many of our Boss Gals have been wondering if it can really help with their skin concerns. It sure does seem easier than a lot of other options out there! At Boss Gal, we are loving the results our clients are seeing. Let’s dive a little deeper into the technology.


LED stands for light-emitting diode and has been used for various purposes since the 1960’s. Originally developed by scientists for plant growth in space, it was found to also show promising results in wound healing and tissue growth. Speeding recovery time up by as much as 40%.


The different wavelengths penetrate the skin at different levels. This is thought to trigger biological processes that help the skin rejuvenate and heal! Enter in the popular use of it in anti-aging. While research is still new and ongoing, it is extremely promising. 


Not just any red or blue light will work though. When you visit a professional, your treatment utilizes the optimal wavelength to get the job done. The best part? It is completely safe! The light does not contain UV rays, which we know to be harmful to skin. There is no pain, discomfort, or recovery time. It is the perfect treatment for someone who wants to see results and just relax. Come on in to Boss Gal and try it out with our Platinum HydraFacial or one of our ZO Accelerated Facials.

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