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Lip Flip vs Lip Filler: Which is Right for Me?

lip filler before and after

Gone are the days of the overdrawn lip. Lip fillers and lip flips are among the most popular cosmetic procedures available right now. Not sure what the difference is, or which one may be right for you? We are here to help!

Lip Filler

Lip fillers grew in popularity when Kylie Jenner stepped out with the most gorgeous pair of lips imaginable. They continue to grow in popularity as patients see astounding results of their own. For an Insta worthy before and after, a lip filler is always a winner. The products being injected continue to improve as well. One of our favorites, Restylane Kysse, provides the most natural looking and feeling result to date. This is the best option for you if you want a dramatic result.


  • Zero downtime
  • Long lasting results – it can last up to a year
  • Immediate results


  • More expensive option
  • Mild tenderness possible after injection
  • Swelling and possibly bruising
juvederm before and after
1ml of Juvederm Lip Filler

Lip Flip

Hearing the words Botox and Dysport likely conjure images of wrinkle-free faces, but did you know that they can also make your lips look bigger? These neuromodulators do this when injected into the orbicularis muscle of the top lip. The injectable then relaxes that muscle, and encourages the top lip to flip outwards, giving the illusion of fuller lips – but they are all yours! This provides a subtle, natural looking result. A lip flip is the perfect option for someone who wants a fuller-looking lip but does not want to add additional volume. 


  • Zero downtime
  • Cheaper option
  • Quick – the procedure takes less than 10 minutes


  • Can take between 5-7 days for full results
  • Only lasts 3-4 months
  • Lips feel can feel strange initially
Botox Lip Flip Before & After


So, which one is right for you? That all depends on your aesthetic goals. At Boss Gal Beauty Bar, we want all our clients to get the lips of their dreams. We offer free consultations so we can discuss what your goals are and how to get you there. In the Columbus, Ohio area? Schedule your appointment today, and we will help you get a natural-looking pout that is perfect for you!

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