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Retinol for Beginners

retinol guide


If you’ve walked through any store with cosmetics or spent an hour down the Instagram or Tik Tok black hole, you’ve heard the word Retinol.  You’ve probably heard friends talking about it and now you are wondering, “Is it for me?”


Let’s get some important information in your hands!


Fact #1:  Retinol slows down your body’s aging process


Your cells turn over every 28 days until your early 30’s creating a fresh layer of skin.  Retinol sinks into your skin and speeds up cell turnover, causing your body to create fresher, smoother skin.  It essentially tricks your body into thinking it’s younger than it is.  Granted, you won’t see results overnight, it will take 3 months of consistent use to notice some reduction of fine lines, dark spots and acne.


Fact #2: Not all retinols are the same


Retinol is just one of the many types of retinoids (the term for all Vitamin-A derivatives, including retinol) on the market.  There is the weakest, retinyl palmitate which is found in most drugstore brands, the next strongest and most tolerable is retinol.


So which retinol do you choose?  


We suggest scheduling a Skin Consult with any one of our esthetician or nurses to find out which would be best for your skin. During your conversation, they will make sure you’re not already using products that may not play well with a retinol and also ask you some questions about your lifestyle as that will also factor into which retinol is best for you.  Book HERE to level up your anti-again routine!   


Remember, consistency is key when using retinol.