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The Who, What & Why of a Skin Consultation at Boss Gal

Did you know we offer free skin consultations at Boss Gal? It’s a quick 15-minute
appointment where you can chat with one of our Estheticians or Nurses about your skin
concerns. The goal of this appointment is to help you adopt a treatment plan that
ensures you’ll start seeing improvements in your skin.

Who should book a skin consult?

If you’ve been struggling with a specific skin concern and just don’t know what services
and products would help treat it, a consult will ensure you start moving in the right
Or, maybe you’re brand new to this whole skincare thing and have no idea where to
start. Our Estheticians can recommend a skincare routine that won’t overwhelm you and
guide you in choosing which facials or treatments to book in the future. Tip: if this is you,
we recommend booking The Prescription facial. It’s a one-hour customized facial with a
15-minute skin consult built in.

Should I book with an Esthetician or Nurse Practitioner?

Our Estheticians can only work on the Epidermis, or the outermost layer of your skin, so
we recommend booking your consultation with them if your concerns include:
• Acne
• Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (dark marks from old acne breakouts)
• Mild hyperpigmentation (sun spots, age spots, general discoloration)
• General skin health or anti-aging concerns

If your concerns are “bigger” or seem like they might require more invasive treatments,
we recommend booking your consult with a Nurse Practitioner. Some concerns might
• Severe pigmentation or Melasma
• Pitted acne scarring
• Broken capillaries (blood vessels)
• Deep lines and wrinkles

Both our Estheticians and Nurses are incredibly knowledgeable–they just specialize in
different parts of the skin. We hope these tips help you book your skin consultation,
because we can’t wait to see your face!