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Moxi Melasma
Laser Facial

A non-ablative, gentle laser that is great for anti-aging and safe enough to use to treat Melasma.


Reduce pigment and improve the general texture and tone of your skin


Introducing the newest fractionated wavelength, Moxi. Moxi is a gentle approach to radiant skin, year-round and for every skin type.

Currently, we are the only provider to offer this new technology in Central Ohio!


You read that right. Amazing isn’t it? If you have suffered with Melasma you’ve likely heard that a laser treatment can actually make the condition worse.

Well, with this new Fractionated 1927nm wavelength technology, you can not only treat Melasma, you can significantly reduces its appearance!


MOXI revitalizes skin showing the initial signs of sun damage and aging using a versatile, non-ablativefractional laser.

MOXI treatments can also minimize skin discoloration. Non-ablativfractional lasers deliver heat below the skin’s surface through thousands of tiny, deep channels without damaging surrounding tissue. 

This fractional approach to skin resurfacing significantly reduces the time needed to heal compared to treating an entire area with an ablative laser.

melasma laser treatment


Reduce pigmentation, improve skin texture all with no downtime? Sign me up.

moxi + bbl laser treatment


Moxi & BBL pair together like gin & tonic, summer & patios. You cannot beat these excellent products when paired together.

Having trouble deciding which laser treatment best targets your concerns?


Whether you are looking for a laser treatment for anti-aging, brown spots, spider veins, acne or general dullness of your skin, we have answers for all of your questions!

Go ahead and contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to discuss. Or, you can book a free consult and meet with our Nurse Practitioner to discuss a customized treatment plan with no obligations.

Boss Gal is all about facial rejuvenation and there is no better service for that than our Sciton mJoule laser.

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