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Facial Bar

We’ve put a twist on the traditional facial spa in Columbus, Ohio. We understand that facials should be part of your regular routine, not just for special occasions. That’s why we’ve taken out the fuss and focused on the results by using medical grade products from ZO Skin Health. We will have you in and out in about 30 minutes and on a path to your best skin. It’s all about the Glow & Go!

Our unique, open facial bar setting is great to do with your squad!


Anti-Aging Facial

Hit the reset button on your skin and combat hyperpigmentation, uneven texture and dullness.



A deep cleanse of your pores using steam and extractions for congestion and acne prone skin.



Perfect for sensitive skin and rosacea. A soothing gentle cleanse with steam and lymphatic massage followed by a mask.

Specialty Facials

Take your facial experience to the next level with these indulgent facials.



Get red carpet ready skin with our ‘flashing lights’ facial, The Paparazzi. This facial, which focuses on clarifying, reducing redness, and anti-aging, includes an enzyme peel, gua sha lymphatic massage and our Celluma LED treatment.



Are you looking for an in depth and personalized experience for your facial needs? The Prescription is just what the doctor ordered. This facial starts off with a one-on-one skin consult. Once you and your esthetician have agreed on a plan, you will begin on your customized facial journey with each detail being specific to your needs using our incomparable ZO Skin Health products.



It’s a gym session for your face! Release the tension in your face while toning and sculpting. We utilize several techniques to get your face in tip top shape. We apply the ZO Skin Health Invisapeel to remove dead skin. Employing the NuFace Microcurrent device for toning. Next is facial cupping to maximize lymphatic drainage. We wrap up with a lively massage session that will leave your skin feeling revived and toned.



This luxury facial partners the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of 24k gold with our medical grade skincare line, ZO Skinhealth, to give your skin the royal treatment. This facial also includes a dermaplane, extractions and a sheep placenta jelly mask.



Boss Gal has married the art of mystical practices and medical-grade skincare. Let our Skin Bosses dial up the right combination of crystals to address your concerns while science-based skincare is exfoliate, massage and drain your lymphatic system for a total awakening.



Inhale & exhale… our Dope Facial is all about relaxation! Calm your mind, and your skin. Natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe the skin while extractions relieve congestion, making this a totally dope facial for anyone with acne. The good vibes continue with an incredible Gua Sha facial massage followed by a hand & arm massage. The final step includes our signature anti-inflammatory jelly mask to leave your skin feeling smooth, soft, and hydrated.



Does your red skin leave you feeling blue? Our ZO Accelerated Calming Facial will leave your skin with less redness, inflammation, and sensitivity. It is the perfect treatment for those suffering from rosacea, acne, or general redness. We begin with a dermaplane treatment to remove built-up dead skin and vellus hair, followed by our ZO Enzymatic Peel. To improve the appearance of redness, we apply a jelly mask to restore balance back to the skin. Once we apply the ZO® boosted concentrate, you can relax under our Celluma LED light while receiving a hand and arm massage. You will receive a two week supply of concentrated ZO Rozatrol Serum to continue using at home.



Dealing with dull skin or sun damage? We’ve got the medical grade facial to upgrade that glow! Our Accelerated Brightening Facial uses ZO Skin Health products that are specially formulated to fade the appearance of hyperpigmentation and even works to block new pigment formation. A dermaplane will take off that dead skin and is paired with one of our brightening jelly masks to level up the efficacy of your brightening treatment.



Supercharge your skin’s rejuvenation process with ZO® Firming Serum boosted concentrate. This facial treatment will leave your skin feeling refreshed, tightened, and firmed. We begin with a dermaplane treatment to remove built-up dead skin and vellus hair. To improve the appearance of sagging skin, we apply a jelly mask containing a collagen restoration powder. Once we apply the ZO® boosted concentrate, you can relax under our Celluma LED light while receiving a hand and arm massage. You will receive a two week supply of concentrated ZO Firming Serum to continue using at home.


Dermaplane | HydroJelly mask | Extractions | Enzyme Peel | Microcurrent | Facial Cupping | LED Treatment

Having trouble deciding which facial best targets your concerns?


Whether you are looking for a high frequency facial, dermaplane facial, acne facial or extraction facial, we have answers for all of your skincare questions! Go ahead and contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to discuss. Or, you can book what facial you think best addresses your concerns and have a discussion with your esthetician upon your arrival. We are committed to delivering the best facial in Columbus!


We also offer facial waxing and tinting services.


In the Columbus, Ohio area and looking for a quality facial in a unique setting? Click BOOK NOW to see more details and pricing around these services. .

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