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Lip Filler to Correct Asymmetry

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When you think of lip filler, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  For many people, it’s that lip filler gives you plump and full lips. This is true – but lip filler can do so much more! You might be surprised to find out that lip filler is also a great tool to improve asymmetry.


What is Asymmetry? 

Facial asymmetry is when one half of your face does not match the other half. While faces and lips are usually not symmetrical, some people are more asymmetrical than others. This can be caused by genetics, muscle weakness, or aging. For lips specifically, the unevenness can be from top versus bottom, or one side versus the other. 


How does Lip Filler help?

If you’re bothered by asymmetrical lips, you’re in luck! Lip filler is a great option to adjust the dimension of your lips. If one side is lacking shape, lip filler can be used to create a shapely look to match the other side. It will not make your lips look fuller or more plump as a whole, but rather it will create facial symmetry. If you’re happy with your bottom lip but wish your top lip matched just a little bit more, lip filler is a great option. Filler can make minor adjustments that greatly improve symmetry.


Don’t get us wrong – it’s true that many people turn to lip filler to create an overall fuller look for their lips. But we want you to know that lip filler doesn’t have to give you fuller lips. If you have noticed some asymmetry in your lips, let us know! Our qualified Injectors have a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve the symmetry you desire.

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