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Are You Making These Retinol Mistakes?


Retinol is the best product you can use to prevent and correct signs of aging.

This Vitamin A derivative increases cellular turnover, which helps to soften fine lines and minimize skin discoloration, resulting in a smoother, more even complexion. While
retinol is a key player in any anti-aging skincare routine, our Estheticians find that many times, clients just aren’t using it properly. Here are some of the most common mistakes
they see:

Mistaking skin reactions for intolerance
People often think their skin can’t handle retinol because they experience redness,
flaking, and general skin irritation. These are normal (and expected!) side effects of an
increase in cell turnover. With consistent use of the product, your skin will acclimate and
these reactions will subside.

Starting too strong
If you’ve never used a retinol before and start by using a high potency medical-grade
one every single night, chances are you’re going to give up on it pretty quickly. It’s
recommended to begin using a retinol once every third night (the product only stays in
your system for 72 hours, so this is crucial). As your skin begins to tolerate it, increase
usage by one night each week. Eventually, the goal is to use it every single night.

Only spot treating with it
Because of its initial irritating effects, oftentimes people only use retinol on their
“problem” areas. Retinol is intended to be used on the entire face–you want those antiaging
benefits everywhere!

Starting too late
Prevention is key when it comes to skincare, so we recommend incorporating a retinol
into your skincare routine in your early twenties–before those fine lines and wrinkles
start popping up!


We have several retinol options at Boss Gal and would love to help you get started with one that’s perfect for you. Stop in or schedule a skin consult and chat with one of our Skin Bosses to start using this all-star anti-aging product.

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