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You need more than just a Gym Membership. Get a Skin Membership!

We all know that you get the best results in most things by being consistent. Your self care is no different.  That is why we created a unique membership designed to save you money so that you can prioritize your skin care in your budget.

We call it Boss Gal Beauty Bank!

What makes it unique?

Unlike other memberships, there is no monthly fee in order to get your discounts. That’s because your monthly deposit is just saved in your account or Beauty Bank and is still your money to spend!

So, how does this work?

Each month you put $49 into your Beauty Bank. Every dollar belongs to you–spend it right away or save it up for a service you’ve had your eye on. Your banked funds never expire and there is no deadline to spend them as long as your membership is active.

What are the membership benefits?

We made it simple…15% off all services and products. That’s it. No complicated pricing for each service or dollars off only on certain days. Our only stipulation is that you can’t get 15% off an already discounted service or product but we always give you whichever is the best deal for you.

So, Botox is $9.35 for members, every day?

Yes! No need to wait for a sale. Just join the Beauty Bank!

I feel like you’ve got one more thing to tell me…

We do! Sign up today and get a free $59 facial! Choose from our anti-aging, clarifying or relaxation facial. Just book it and the $59 will be taken off at checkout.

I need to sign up now!

I know, right? Just head over to, complete a few clicks and you’re all set!