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How to Get the Best Results from Chemical Peels

As summer winds down, now is a good time to start thinking about the skincare
treatments you want to take on this fall and winter. One of our favorite services for
combatting skin imperfections is chemical peels. Whether you’re a peel newbie or
ready to try something more advanced this season, we’ve got a chemical peel for your
skin concerns.

What do chemical peels do?
Chemical peels exfoliate the top layer of the skin in order to correct imperfections in
skin tone and texture. Peels are able to do this by increasing cellular turnover, which
causes the skin to shed its superficial layers.

How much will I peel?
First, we want to start by saying that peeling should never be the end goal. Peeling is
merely a side effect, so don’t think of it as an indication of whether or not your peel
“worked.” Chemical peel formulas have come such a long way over the years and
most of the time, you won’t even peel!
There are several other factors to take into consideration as well, like your skin type,
the products you’re using at home, and the strength of the peel you receive. We have a
wide range of chemical peels at Boss Gal, and your esthetician will carefully select one
that’s appropriate for you.

What skin concerns benefit most?
Chemical peels are great for improving skin imperfections, like mild sun damage and
post-acne marks. They’re also a helpful tool for fighting acne and softening fine lines
and wrinkles.

How many peels will I need?
It depends! To truly see results, you’ll need to do a series of peels. Typically, we
recommend a series of 3-6 peels, spaced four weeks apart.

How can I make my results last?
Invest in medical-grade products! Your esthetician will give you a customized skincare
regimen when you come in, but we always recommend using retinol, an antioxidant
serum and SPF to get the absolute best result from your peels.

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with one of our Skin Bosses, and they’ll help you decide on the perfect treatment plan.