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New Year, New Skin: 2024 Skin Goals!

Do you have any resolutions for 2024? Whether it’s trying to perfect your crocheting technique or running your first marathon, the goal is to make life better. So how about making your skin better? We have 3 tips to get your skin off to a glowing start (no, literally)!


  1. Start with The Essentials

Antioxidant. Retinol. SPF. These three essentials can treat and prevent a wide range of concerns. An antioxidant will protect against environmental aggressors and prevent damage to the skin that causes premature aging. From anti-aging to acne, retinol is going to stimulate collagen production and speed up cell turnover for younger, healthier looking skin. Lastly, SPF is a non-negotiable every day to protect against UV rays.


  1. Consistency is Key

It’s easy to skip out on washing your face after a night out with the girls or trying new products regularly but your skin will love having a consistent routine. Start simple with your regimen. Cleanse twice a day; double cleanse at night if you wear makeup. Follow with your antioxidant and SPF in the morning, then your retinol, and moisturizer in the evening. Once you get the hang of that, you can add extra products that your skin needs. For example, if you have oily skin, you can add a clay mask to absorb the excess oil or an exfoliant to slough off dry, flakey skin.


  1. Don’t Forget Self Care

If you’re prioritizing self-care in 2024, booking treatments consistently can not only help with keeping your resolution but also accelerate what you’re already doing at home. Whether it’s a Hydrafacial for dry skin, a chemical peel for stubborn pigment, or neurotoxins to relax any lines and wrinkles, treatments can help target your concerns at a deeper level.


Are you ready to start achieving your 2024 #SkinGoals? If so, book a skin consult at any of our four locations and check out our Beauty Bank membership so we can help you prioritize your skin this year!