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Refresh: Your Spring Skincare Routine

Winter can be brutal on our skin. The combination of cold, dry weather, indoor heating, hot drinks, and even seasonal depression can leave our skin feeling lackluster, dehydrated, and fatigued. But don’t worry—with the arrival of spring, we have the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate our skin and restore its natural glow!


Reasons for Refreshing Your Regimen


Ever wonder why your skincare routine needs to change with the seasons? Well, our skin is a dynamic organ that changes for various reasons, including seasons, environment, hormones, aging, and diet. Just like you wouldn’t do the same workout at the gym every day, your skin needs a change, too. The arrival of spring is the perfect time to throw a curveball at your skin as the weather warms up and humidity increases. This is why it’s crucial to adapt our skincare routine accordingly. By doing so, we take control of our skin’s health and appearance. Keep reading to discover all the tips and tricks for refreshing your spring regimen!


  1. Antioxidants


You need to be if you aren’t already using an antioxidant or vitamin C in your skincare regimen. An antioxidant helps protect your cells against environmental aggressors that can cause premature aging. These also amplify your sunscreen’s effectiveness. We have seven different antioxidants to choose from; all of them not only provide antioxidant protection but also provide other benefits to address whatever concerns you may have. For example, Silymarin CF is packed with antioxidants and has salicylic acid formulated to help reduce oiliness and improve skin clarity while still getting all the benefits you get from vitamin C.


  1. Hydrate


Staying hydrated is a simple yet crucial step in maintaining healthy skin. When our skin is hydrated, it functions better and looks healthier! Dehydrated skin can look dull and dry and be more reactive to products and treatments. So, ensure you drink plenty of water and do not overuse your exfoliant. Try swapping your heavy cream for a lightweight moisturizer as humidity increases this spring. One of our favorites is SkinCeuticals Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment. It’s a lightweight moisturizer that also helps to fade post-acne marks. These simple changes can make a big difference, and you’re more than capable of implementing them.


  1. Sun Protection


You should wear sunscreen all year round, especially when the sun is out. Make sure to find one that you’ll actually wear, too. At Boss Gal, we have eight SPFs, ranging from physical to chemical, tinted to non-tinted, hydrating to pigment-correcting. These SPFs protect our skin from UV rays that harm it, cause premature aging, and even cause skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. About 3.3 million Americans are diagnosed with basal and squamous cell skin cancers each year. This is why wearing and reapplying your SPF daily is so important!


These small tweaks can greatly impact the quality of your skin. If you need help transitioning your regimen from winter to spring, book a FREE Skincare Product Consultation with one of our Skin Bosses at our Clintonville, Grandview, Easton, or Powell locations so we can give your skin that springtime glow!