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alcohol after botox

A popular question amongst the Boss Gal faithful. I mean, we have places to be and people to see so we need to know these things!

There are a few things to consider:



The most common reaction to getting Botox injections is getting a bruise at the injection site. Since alcohol thins your blood, this does increase the chances of having some bruising. Now, read that again, I said it increases the chances. That doesn’t mean you will definitely bruise but by drinking, you are rolling the dice. If you are someone who knows you bruise easily then, I would absolutely avoid alcohol.



Like any medical treatment, it is better to have less variables to understand the true cause of an issue. There is a small chance that after your Botox treatment, you could experience dizziness and/or drowsiness. Sound little like the last time you had a bit too much wine? Exactly. So, it is best not to “muddy the waters” so to speak and have more reasons why you may not quite feel like yourself.



Another possibility caused by drinking alcohol too soon after your Botox treatment is swelling. Again, with alcohol causing your blood to thin, the additional blood flow can widen your blood vessels resulting in swollen soft tissue.

So, now you can make a more education decision about drinking alcohol within 24 hours of your Botox treatment. The complications are not life-threatening but it could cause you to have some adverse cosmetic reactions.


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